Who Can Deliver?


Pockets feeling a little light these days? Maybe you’re eyeing off a sleek new flat screen TV?  Got a vacation on the horizon but can’t see it over the large pile of never-ending bills? Join the thousands of individuals who are 18 yrs+ old and taking matters into their own hands and earning quick cash by delivering phone books in and around their neighborhood.

Community Groups


Deliver phone books and raise funds for your Organization!!

If you’re getting a little tired of constantly being a salesperson for your club or community group and would like to try raising funds in a way that doesn’t involve selling of box after box of chocolates, cookies or pizzas with no guarantee of the outcome... then you've come to the right place.

PDC has helped a large variety of groups and organizations achieve their fundraising targets. 

Delivery Companies

Join the many successful companies who deliver phone directories throughout the USA


Are you a business with slow periods in your schedule and need to find work?



  • Utilize your downtime equipment & staff 

  • Expand your business with additional revenue

  • Be your own boss-

  • Flexibility to work when you like, where you like

  • Get Paid 5 days per week-

  • Seasonal or year round work available


How to get started

Call 1-877-581-0555 ext 20 and leave a message