Top Tips! Phone book delivery

Set your goal

What is your personal or fundraising target? What will the money go towards? Having a specific target in your sights is a great way to stay motivated and go that extra mile! Could be a family vacation, maybe you just want to pay off a credit card bill or perhaps raise funds for some new equipment for your sporting club. Let us know what’s in your sights and our friendly staff can assist you in developing a plan to help you achieve it.


Get more feet on the street

Attention Community groups: Working in teams is ideal this activity. If you’re part of a community group (e.g. Sports club, Scout group, or Religious organization) get in contact with as many members and families associated with your group as possible and get them on board! More feet on the street = more money to be made! So make calls, send texts, post it on your club's notice board, newsletter, Facebook page or website and start rounding up the troops!

Tools of the Trade

Reduce the workload with the right tools. Do you have a trailer you can hook up to your vehicle? Do you have a friend or family member you could borrow one from?


Community groups – ask members and families who have a Van, 4WD or vehicle with large capacity to hold more books. Use tarps and ropes to secure books to any trailers/trucks where they would be exposed to weather damage or could fall off the vehicle while in motion.


Hand trucks or dollies are another handy tool to have; any delivery driver will tell you that! If you do not own one we recommend making this small investment as it will definitely increase your productivity and therefore your earnings.

Plan your delivery

Effective planning makes this activity a whole lot easier. Think about things like what zip codes you want to deliver in, how many vehicles will be needed & how many weekends/weekdays you’ll dedicate to this fundraising event. Iron out the details to hit the ground running


Dress the Part


Be sure to wear what you determine is appropriate clothing and shoes. For example, when the sun is shining you may consider wearing a hat, packing some sunscreen and drinking plenty of water! You should consider closed shoes for safety reasons. 

Stay in Touch

We will keep you posted on upcoming deliveries in your area via email or text



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