How Much Can I Earn?

Get paid 5 times per week!

Work on Your Own Hours!


 The potential earnings for delivering phone books are entirely in your hands! Payments are made on a per address delivered basis - which means the more you deliver, the more you earn.

Factors that determine the rate per delivery include:

  • Book size and weight

  • Distance from the delivery warehouse or office

  • Density of homes and business in the delivery area


How Do I Maximize Earnings?

The key to maximizing your earnings is being organized. Since payments are per delivered address the more productive you are in a day the more money you gain in your pocket.

Get paid 5 times per week!


How Do I get More Information?

The best way to get specific information about how much you can earn is to GO DIRECTLY to any of our active delivery locations listed on our "Delivery Schedule Where & When" pages and attend our 30 minute orientation class where all of your questions will be answered.

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